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Matcha is a form of concentrated green tea. Our Matcha Green Tea Powder is raw, natural, and 100% pure. Sourced only from the highest quality variants of Japanese matcha available, boasting a 30% protein content.


The name of Hisui translates from Japanese as “jade”, as reflected in the colour of the tea leaves from which Matcha is made. Not only is it suitable for preparing Matcha as a tea, but it also can act as an ingredient in cooking and baking or for mixing into cocktails or smoothies.


The aroma suggests that of a freshly cut meadow, the taste bears a tone of ripe walnut, and it is full-bodied, distinctive and long-lasting.


Grown in the shade, It is harvested only once a year and has been used in Japanese ceremonies for hundreds of years.


It is revered for its antioxidant properties and is also used by athletes for a speedy recovery from exercise. It contains slightly more caffeine than green tea and is best drank after a meal.

Green - Matcha Powder - Hisui - (100g)

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