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Original Wall & keogh Tea Crew

Our Brew Crew..............

"The perfect brew takes time, not a long time, just the right time. It's really important to strictly control the quantity of leaf and water Temperature, life is too short to drink low grade tea".

We Like to keep it interesting at Wall and Keogh, Call it the T-Factor!.. We change our blends, we remove the ones that have gotten a little tired and we bring in new varieties and sometimes bring back old favourites, so keep up to date with what's happening by following us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or better still pop into our store in Portobello, Dublin and have one of our friendly crew take you through the options!

Something about our Staff:: All the guys at Wall and Keogh know and love their Tea, everyone has their favorite and thinks they make the best brew in the cafe, healthy competition with the healthy tea.

Oliver T himself spent many years backpacking around the globe, during which time worked on Tea plantations in Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and then coffee plantations in Guatemala. This love of knowing the product from source was always fundamental and the driving force in doing this, "I was not going to work with something if I didn't fully comprehend it, loving it was not enough, it was essential to truly understand", and now at Wall & Keogh the quality of Tea on offer is a testament to this work.

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